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Having been Google Analytics Certified, I’ve made it my mission in marketing to understand as much as I can about what is going on with the online space. The numbers, however, can pose some problems to those who may not know what they mean. I help companies to ensure that they have the right analytics tools at their fingertips. I do my best to ensure that the implementation of these tools is correct to attain the best quality possible of those numbers. That includes creating filters and views that allow for proper segmentation for the utmost in analysis. With the custom tool set I’ve curated, I help your organization to get a great idea about what each of your efforts are doing. I’ll create custom digital marketing reports and dashboards which are shareable and which illustrate trends for:
  • Website traffic, behaviors, conversions, and interactions
  • Social Media performance
  • Email Marketing results
  • Paid Channel spend and ROI
  • Competitive analysis
Let’s talk more about how I can help your organization to better understand what is going on in your business from a digital marketing perspective.

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