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The constantly changing digital marketing landscape provides business owners and executives with challenges to remain competitive. Organizations need a motivational leader with a track record of success to adapt and survive to avoid losing their place at the top-of-mind of their customers.

Don’t fear. Success in digital marketing lies in taking some simple, common-sense steps to developing a strategy that:

  1. attracts the right people to your business,
  2. excites them about what they find,
  3. steers them to take action, and
  4. delights them to keep them coming back for more.

I’ve been a student of the digital world since 2001 when I began my career in marketing. I’ve made it a priority to learn as much as I can about what is happening online and to further hone my skills in Inbound marketing, analytics, search engine optimization for organic search and paid search, plus business planning to be able to best serve you in your mission to dominate in your industry.

Why Might You Need My Help?

As a marketing executive and a management consultant, I have practiced digital marketing consulting for more than two decases, including website UX design and development, Inbound marketing, contexual marketing, marketing automation, social media, SEM/PPC, and display advertising. As a Fractional CMO, using data collected from analytics, I help companies from a variety of industries to optimize and improve their marketing projects and operations with better project management, operations training and documentation, business planning, and implementation, and maintenance.

The types of organizations that typically hire me:

  • Struggle with understanding their digital marketing systems or lack a system.
  • Wish to have more insight to what drives their businesses’ successes and failures.
  • Know they want to use Inbound Marketing and Contexual Marketing, but don’t quite know how to do so effectively.
  • Feel they may be spending too much money in the wrong places and failing to see ROI.
  • Want a roadmap to successful marketing in iterative stages.
  • Desire more qualified web traffic and social media followers and interactions.
  • Are having difficulty completing marketing projects.

If this sounds like you, we may want to get to know each other better. If not, maybe you know someone who has these attributes.

How Can I Help?

Some companies need a lot of help, some only need a little. I can work with you, and we can scale Fractional CMO solutions accordingly. From planning to implementation, you can count on me to ensure that the right strategies are employed. You can also rest assured that the execution of those strategies is in good hands. Choose from the following areas in my wheelhouse to learn more about how we can work together.

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