Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I don’t want to toot my own horn… and luckily I don’t have to. People have been talking about what I’ve done because other people have been talking about them and their businesses due to my work with them! You can visit my LinkedIn profile to view some recommendations and endorsements. However, here’s what just few of the many clients I’ve served are saying:

Richard Cruz took something as drab as SEO and social media integration and brought it to life. He has truly pioneered the social media integration process. From personal consultations to availibility through email and phone, Mr. Cruz was always attentive to my needs while we re-developed my website. This group comes highly recommended for all professionals looking to take their web and business presence to the next level.

Dr. Derek Hartmann
The Hart Wellness Center
Richard helped make my word press look so impressive! He took the time to demonstrate the features and benefits to ensure we knew how to use it effectively!He gave me more visibility on the web that has helped drive traffic to my site.

Kathy Jager
Rich was originally recommended to me by several of my mentors. First, he is a fantastic and gifted writer. Secondly, Rich simplifies and uncomplicates SEO and he built my website with all the attributes and functionality I described to him that I wanted. Finally, he is a spiritual and passionate person.

Stacy Glodkowski
Six Essentials
"I first hired Rich to re-launch our agency's website with a focus on SEO maximization. What first impressed me was Rich's diligence and knowledge base. After our site was completed it was time for training. Rich met me on Skype and showed me how to navigate the site administration functions so that I can make necessary site updates. Rich is also a savvy business owner and will continue to receive work orders from our agency clients whenever our clients need to build new websites."

Nick Augustine

I'd like to recommend Rich Cruz and the work he has done. Our business, The Center for Integrated Medicine, LLC was looking for a web presence. We are a small medical & chiropractic group located in the south suburbs of Chicago trying to expand our practice. We hired Rich and his company to create a web presence, but what we got was much, much more.

Rich provided amazing service, tips to create and expand our brand and lots of encouragment. His work was timely. We would ask for an update and within hours the update to our website was completed. He addressed the content and quality of our site, a site that we are very, very happy with (

The website is part of our strategy to market through the internet and social media. Search ranking optimization, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,), blogging and other tools are now part of our strategy to promote our band. These were terms that I was vaguely familiar with and used Rich's tutelage to maximize.

I've had several comments from patients searching for a doctor, that one reason they chose us was because the feeling they got by visiting our site. In essence, they reported that they knew us before their first appointment. I credit that to Rich and his company. This has been an invaluable tool to help grow our business.

Please feel free to contact me at 708-275-1459 or at [email protected] should you need more information.

Dr. Dino Pappas and Dr. Marie Tholl
The Center for Integrated Medicine
Thank you so much for designing a great looking website that went beyond what I had imagined. I couldn’t be happier with the amount of work Rich did in such a short amount of time. I thought I wanted something simple to get my business started in the right direction with a basic web presence. However, Rich took my website to the next level, not only did it look great, but Rich added a brand to the website that matched my legal practice areas. Thank you so much Rich! Job well done!

Thomas S. Radja Jr.
Law Office of Thomas S. Radja Jr.
I want to thank you for the great advice you have given me in growing awareness of my business Playful Put Ons Singing Telegrams and Humorous Appearances. You created one of the most memorable business cards around for me; one that I still get business from even a year after giving it to potential clients. Your assistance (or should I say intervention) on my web site has absolutely gotten me noticed. Because of your skills in “placement enhancement” with my site I have actually begun receiving calls from out of state clients for local telegrams. Like most other business people I know, getting my web site from page 535 to page 1 or 2 on the search engines is another thing I was not able to do on my own. Thank you for making your skills and knowledge available not just to the Big Guys and corporations who have the huge marketing budgets and resources behind them, but to those of us who are joining the team that built America to begin with…The small business.Your expertise is worth the dollars invested to grow the business I’ve invested my time and my heart in!

Joy Polcaster
Playful Put Ons Singing Telegrams
Rich done an amazing job on our website/Wordpress! Rich always went the extra mile for us to make sure our site was special, unique and better than we ever imagined! Thanks so much Rich for your hard work, amazing creativity, attention to detail that made our site one that we are very proud to show to all our customers and future customers! I would recommend Rich to any business looking to take their business to a new level of success!

Jeff Studzinski, Managing Partner
PS Consulting Group
When I met Rich, I was just starting my company. It was in the infant stages. I never knew how talented he really was. I messed around with two other website designers only to be left frustrated and left with nothing accomplished. So, I called Rich and we had a very interesting conversation. By the time we ended the call, I knew I needed his help. So we agreed to meet and he, on the spot, started to put my website together, walking me through a daunting task. Rich made it so easy and fun, that it I actually enjoyed putting it together!

Rich has worked tirelessly and quickly to get my website up and running… if I had worked with him in the first place, and not screwed around with the other companies, I would be a lot further along with what I want to accomplish, which is getting myself and the much needed information I have out there in order to help others. Rich has also created my logo and business cards…Rich has more knowledge about branding and web presence than any one I have met. Rich has been a pleasure to work with and I will be working with him for years to come!!

Trisha Kroner CFEd
Safety Net Money Solutions
“Rich has been the sole company that I have used since 2008. Rich has designed logos, direct mail pieces truck decals, dry erase boards yard signs and everything you could think of. Rich is a great guy!”

Jeff Henson, Controller
Homeowner Helper

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