Throughout this 10-week blogging quest I’ve imposed on myself, I certainly have had some days where the topic didn’t come to be or when I wasn’t quite as eloquent as I would like to have been. In fact, when I look back on a few of my posts, they are quite raw. One lesson learned is that I really should not try to cram a blog into my site late at night after a full day; it leads to rambling.

Today is a Sunday in the middle of the afternoon. I’m wide awake and alert. However, the topic I had chosen earlier in the day fell out of my head, and I simply cannot retrieve it. I know I should have written it down, but I didn’t. I could have taken an audio or a video recording, sent myself a text, or sketched an idea down on the back of a business card. My failure to recall leads me to write this piece. 

It’s Not Like I Don’t Have Publishing Experience

I have worked in the publishing industry. In fact, I’ve been blessed to have worked with several publications. In high school, I was very blessed to have been a contributor to the St. Rita High School newspaper, The Ritan, as an editorial and political cartoonist. My first marketing gig was with GIA Publications, Inc., a Church music and music education publisher. Later in my career, I’ve contributed to a few other minor publications and have worked as a consultant to several authors. While I was at the Coin Laundry Association – one of my favorite roles as the Director of Marketing and Online Development – I experienced joy in working with our magazine PlanetLaundry. Most recently, I’ve helped my harmonica mentor and best-selling author Jon Gindick with his website.

After yesterday’s family outing to Fan Expo and supporting my friend Justin Casteneda on his upcoming publications, I can’t help but to think that here are some very creative people who just muscled through their creative blocks and pushed forward to create at least ONE body of work of their very own – refined and ready for print and for sale. Even this morning at Church, as I read the First Reading from the Book of Deuteronomy, the thought struck me that the ancient Hebrews and Gospel writers were able to compile “the greatest story ever told” even though I can imagine that could not have been an easy task.

So, why am I finding it so laborious to sit here and churn out a single 300+-word article that might contribute to helping the life of, perhaps, one person? How can I fathom creating something of my own as my contribution to the body of knowledge out there and attain one of my goals?