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Does email marketing work? Won’t you just get lost in the SPAM that resides in every person’s mailbox? Wasn’t email marketing killed off with social media? Who needs a complicated marketing automation system?

These are questions that I hear far too often. There’s good reason for that: MANY COMPANIES DON’T DO EMAIL MARKETING CORRECTLY!

I’ve worked with dozens and dozens of clients and companies, and many of them suffer from the same problems. They email people from lists which they purchased, they don’t target and segment their emails, the deploy without clear goals in mind, and they have either enormous lists of bad email addresses or an insignificant amount of people on their list. But let me be straight with you: EMAIL CAN BE YOUR #1 LAST-STOP ATTRIBUTION CHANNEL FOR SALES!

What Can I Do To Help?

I’ve worked with a great many of the different email marketing systems and marketing automation platforms out in the market. Just to name a few, they include:
  • HubSpot
  • Act-On
  • Bronto
  • Infusionsoft
  • Constant Contact
  • MailChimp
  • iContact
  • AWeber
  • Vertical Response
  • and perhaps a half-dozen or so more.
I’ve also worked with various CRM systems with differing levels of available segmentation including Saleforce, Zoho, HubSpot CRM, and several others. I’ve been an administrator on these systems, and I’ve helped to integrate marketing software with CRMs and ERPs for companies of different sizes. We can push out the right content to the right people at the right time through marketing automation to ready them for sales. My philosophy on email performance is to keep it simple, keep it direct, keep it relevant, and keep it only among those who want to hear it. Best practices in contact management, email design, subject line craftsmanship, and email content will be employed to drive conversions to your organization, and I can help you organization to understand the best way to maintain your list, grow your contacts, and delight your subscribers with only what they want to receive. If you platform allows, I can also help develop A/B tests and experiments for emails and landing pages to ensure that campaigns are best systematized for optimal performance. To learn more about what I can do to help your organization to maximize your effectiveness, let’s talk at your earliest convenience.
Email marketing

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