As I’ve written in the past, I’ve been doing the DDP Yoga system since 2015. I started on the at-home DVD set, and I’ve been using the the mobile app (first on my Android phone and now on my iPad Pro) since 2016. I usually do DDPY three times per week and run 3-5 miles 2-3 times per week on alternating days.

On the app, you can choose from dozens of workouts ranging from Beginner to Extreme and from times ranging from 10 minutes to well over an hour. Former WWE wrestler Diamond Dallas Page has you “sweating and swearing” through his modified yoga program as he or his instructors coach you through the routines using increasingly more challenging versions of his “Diamond Dozen” foundational movements. 

Frankly, I love the program. Even when I do other bodyweight or kettlebell workouts, I do at least 20 minutes of DDPY for three reasons:

  1. To strengthen and stretch muscles, ligaments, and tendons
  2. To get some motivation for the day
  3. To rack up the points.

In addition to workouts, you also get recipes (called “wrestle-pies”), the ability to upload progress photos and record measurements, regular motivational videos, and either standard or customized 13-week fitness programs. I highly recommend checking this out!

My Goal of 500K

Each workout provides you with points which accumulate in a bank. You can get points for updating your information and for doing workouts. Sometimes, after a DDPY workout that lasts more than 20 minutes, you also get to spin a wheel for a chance for beaucoup points – double the points if you were wearing a heart monitor.

So far, I’ve earned two 100K T-Shirts meaning that after 100,000 points, I was able to “cash in” on a “100K Club” T-Shirt, each of which I wear proudly. 

You can also use your points for other prizes – something like tickets at Chuck E. Cheese or, in my day, Showbiz Pizza (without the carbs). As of Monday this week, I’m at 425,925 points, and I’m shooting for a custom video from DDP when I reach 500K!

One day, I would love one day to fly out to Smyrna, GA and check out the Performance Center (which I understand is currently closed) to meet the people who have helped to make my fitness journey a great one… but I’ll take this opportunity if it’s still there by the time I reach my goal in what I aim to be the near future.