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So many times when I’m consulting a client on one thing or another I’m inevitably asked, “Hey, I saw some of your videos. I’ve been approached by other video companies, can’t I do this myself?” or “I don’t like writing? How can I create my own video blog?” It’s…(Read More)

Are You a Star Yet?


WOW! It’s incredible how everyone today can have his or her 15 minutes of fame–and make it themselves! You may know that every once in a while I’ll post an online video, and I highly recommend that everyone, especially those in business, do the same. With video, having the ability to drive…(Read More)

Video to Get You Noticed


Okay, I admit, I have a face for radio, and my wife calls me a mumbler. However, you can’t deny that I still put myself out there unabashed with online video. There are a couple of reasons why I do this. Video is POWERFUL, and I want to share just a few reasons with…(Read More)