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I’d like to share a personal story of heroism from a personal hero of mine. She is a teacher who leads a choir of angelic voices every Tuesday and Thursday at the crack of dawn before school starts. Every day she hustles and bustles about taking care of her kids in the morning, leaving…(Read More)

Dear reader, I realize that I’ve been somewhat more sporadic in my posts lately than normal. My sincerest apologies for that. I’ve received several comments asking what’s going on, and, so, I thought today I would wrap up this week in five neatly packaged points. I have been seeing for the last…(Read More)

This last week I learned a lesson I felt the need to share. The lesson was about confidence and ego. It has always been my experience that an organization which presents a free-or-inexpensive trial period has an unconditional, no-questions-asked policy about wanting to leave. I had such a trial period with…(Read More)

Defects You Should Want


I normally don’t write about spirituality in my business-oriented blog. However, oftentimes I wonder if I should because business, after all, is about who we are, what we do, and the use of the God-given talents we have on which we are to make our fortunes. So, today, I’ve decided to…(Read More)

Just last night I found myself lamenting 2010. Yes, I know, let the past go, but, seriously, nothing brings you to terms with reality more than preparing for filing your taxes… especially as a business owner. While I found that I turned a profit this year, it was not, to be sure, the profit I…(Read More)

I attended the Get Motivated seminar at Chicago’s United Center. There was a incredible lineup of speakers including Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Mike Ditka, Rudy Giuliani, among a host of others. One of the speakers, Bob Kittell, told a story that meant a lot to me. Mind you, before I tell the story, I…(Read More)

Lesson from a Larvae


While attending a Native American celebration (an Indian Pow Wow) hosted by The Midwest SOARRING Foundation (, I found a quote in the museum gift shop at the exit of the Naper Settlement in Naperville, IL–the location of the Pow Wow. The following quote touched me deeply, and I hope that, in…(Read More)

I recently sent a batch of high-quality, personalized greeting cards to about 50 of my most recent clients. As usual, many of them called me, or I called them, and things went along their merry way… That is until I spoke with my friend, Tony Dinon of MVP Preferral Systems. He rather rebuked me…(Read More)

If you’ve read my blog posts, you may notice a trend–I’m a huge fan of Bob Burg and his book “The Go-Giver,” and my time in business, BNI, and my faith have lead me to this place where I feel strongly that business success (and success in life in general) lies…(Read More)

A great friend and spiritual giant in my life, Tony, spoke with me on the phone from under a palm tree in San Francisco. That palm must have been his bodhi tree–he sounded absolutely transformed. You see, he was at an inspirational event held by the Brian Buffini coaching company–a company that trains…(Read More)