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Sure, we know that people do business with people that they “know, like, and trust.” Of course, we’ve heard and read over and over again that relationship selling is “where it’s at” in terms of creating and keeping clients. However, relationships go much further, much deeper, and much more impactful on our businesses…(Read More)

Today has been quite a day. I’ve had three very profound conversations with three influential business people who have asked me about how to improve the effectiveness of their blogs. In the past, each person wrote the “nuts and bolts” about their business and industry, spewing regurgitated facts and figures about markets and health…(Read More)

As I mentioned last week, I attended a networking seminar presented by Dane Sanders at The Marketing Solutions Lab and Alex Livieratos of Business Power Coach. Something that really struck a chord with me at this seminar: my 30-second infomercial (quite frankly) sucks! They presented a formula that’s easy to understand and pretty…(Read More)

I’m not soothsayer, and, therefore, I tend not to be much in the way of a gambler. Owning a business is about taking risks, but being calculating about them, and then planning for them. While there are always exceptions to the rules, the vast majority of businesses have sales cycles. I’m not talking…(Read More)

Today I was on a phone call with a group of professionals who are keeping each other accountable to our respective sales processes. This group has been meeting for about three months now. Each meeting features one of the participants facilitating a discussion on a reading assignment. This week’s reading assignment came from James…(Read More)

One of the proudest moments in my career was when I was conferred with the degree of Master of Business Administration. Historically, the body of knowledge stemming from industrial engineering formed the basis of the first MBA programs, and is central to operations management as used across diverse business sectors. Much of the core of…(Read More)

Leads At the Library


So I’ve known for a while that you can visit your local library and access databases of companies. Some libraries had access to the D&B databases, while others were plugged into infoUSA and other similar sources. The thing was that you needed to go to the library to do that–not always…(Read More)

Money: Watch Your Cash


When I owned and operated my sign company, my performance was always gauged by top-line numbers, in other words, by revenue. In fact, we had a weekly teleconference with a sales coach to whom we reported our weekly and monthly numbers. The more I sold, the better my business was doing–or was it…(Read More)