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In a world full of messages pelting us every second of the day whether you are watching TV, using the internet, driving on the expressway, or even walking through your neighborhood, it’s often hard to deliver a message that truly grabs your target audience. After all, people do business with companies and people they…(Read More)

Sure, we know that people do business with people that they “know, like, and trust.” Of course, we’ve heard and read over and over again that relationship selling is “where it’s at” in terms of creating and keeping clients. However, relationships go much further, much deeper, and much more impactful on our businesses…(Read More)

As I mentioned last week, I attended a networking seminar presented by Dane Sanders at The Marketing Solutions Lab and Alex Livieratos of Business Power Coach. Something that really struck a chord with me at this seminar: my 30-second infomercial (quite frankly) sucks! They presented a formula that’s easy to understand and pretty…(Read More)

I want to thank Dane Sanders of The Marketing Solutions Lab and Alex Livieratos of Business Power Coach for their seminar today on networking. One of the “take aways” of today’s discussion that you really must maximize your networking time. After all, there is a cost to networking beyond just the entrance fee. Let…(Read More)

Leads At the Library


So I’ve known for a while that you can visit your local library and access databases of companies. Some libraries had access to the D&B databases, while others were plugged into infoUSA and other similar sources. The thing was that you needed to go to the library to do that–not always…(Read More)

Okay, folks. So you haven’t yet sent your Christmas card yet. In terms of our family card, I’m in the same boat, frankly! Well there may yet be time. I was at a SendOutCards seminar at MVP Preferral Systems in Oak Forest, IL, this weekend. If you have SOC, the latest you should…(Read More)

Pick 4…


Of all of the things I’ve learned over the course of the last few months, none is more powerful than this little tip: as an entrepreneur, you simply CAN’T do it all. There aren’t enough hours in the day. However, as books like the E-Myth by Michael Gerber state, your business…(Read More)

Video to Get You Noticed


Okay, I admit, I have a face for radio, and my wife calls me a mumbler. However, you can’t deny that I still put myself out there unabashed with online video. There are a couple of reasons why I do this. Video is POWERFUL, and I want to share just a few reasons with…(Read More)

After this holiday weekend, I noticed that my week was somewhat less productive than normal in terms of work done. However, I am left with a few important lessons on accountability I’d like to share: 1. Everybody Needs Somebody… Daily, we are held accountable whether it be by our boss, our spouse, or parents…(Read More)

Another Connections “Fiver” Report Five ways to improve your SEO Make sure each social networking site you belong to links to your website! Also add to directories Make sure your meta tags are relevant to what people are searching: -Title -Description -Keywords -Content Make sure each of your images has alt tags—adds content, search…(Read More)