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Why is it that someone does business with you? Is it because you’re the best–well, perhaps, but let’s dig a little deeper. Is it because you’re the “cheapest”–that might be true, but you likely won’t stick around long enough to read…(Read More)

In a world full of messages pelting us every second of the day whether you are watching TV, using the internet, driving on the expressway, or even walking through your neighborhood, it’s often hard to deliver a message that truly grabs your target audience. After all, people do business with companies and people…(Read More)

I wrote much of this article back when I owned ImpresivoPrints. I think it bears a recap. The summer holiday this year was filled with lots of family time including over a 20-hour car ride with my wife’s parents. During that time my family had watched several movies together. One Disney movie…(Read More)

One of the themes that has come up more than once within the last week is, “I don’t know what to write about,” when it comes to writing compelling blogs or copy. I think that, just like with anything else we do in life and business, the idea is that you…(Read More)

A number of years ago I was privileged to have had the extraordinary experience of being part of a Native American sweat lodge ceremony. To anyone who his unfamiliar, here is the gist of it: The participants in community fast and help to build the lodge itself from willow branches tethered together. Then the dome…(Read More)

Affordable and Effective. According to the Small Business Administration, signs are the most affordable and effective form of advertising for small businesses. There’s little new here to many business owners, but, as we always say, “A business with no sign is a sign of no business.” Affordable There are fewer &#8220…(Read More)

So many times when I’m consulting a client on one thing or another I’m inevitably asked, “Hey, I saw some of your videos. I’ve been approached by other video companies, can’t I do this myself?” or “I don’t like writing? How can…(Read More)

There are so many excuses why NOT to use video on your website for the purposes of marketing. Here I am talking about just a few. You may need to turn up the volume a bit, but I think I get the point across. Keep Moving Forward…(Read More)

Fear. It’s what keeps us from attaining great things. It is when we conquer that fear that we are able to climb mountains and swim oceans. As business owners, managers, sales people, and marketers, we are often afraid that we are being pesky when we approach a customer. More than that, to “bother” a…(Read More)