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Write down goals

For over ten years now I’ve had a coach of some kind. Whether it was my personal coach throughout grad school or the series of professional coaches I’ve had throughout my career as an entrepreneur and consultant, I’ve often sought the wisdom, experience, and guidance of those who have both been my…(Read More)

I’d like to share a personal story of heroism from a personal hero of mine. She is a teacher who leads a choir of angelic voices every Tuesday and Thursday at the crack of dawn before school starts. Every day she hustles and bustles about taking care of her kids in the morning, leaving…(Read More)

Dear reader, I realize that I’ve been somewhat more sporadic in my posts lately than normal. My sincerest apologies for that. I’ve received several comments asking what’s going on, and, so, I thought today I would wrap up this week in five neatly packaged points. I have been seeing for the last…(Read More)

This last week I learned a lesson I felt the need to share. The lesson was about confidence and ego. It has always been my experience that an organization which presents a free-or-inexpensive trial period has an unconditional, no-questions-asked policy about wanting to leave. I had such a trial period with…(Read More)

Defects You Should Want


I normally don’t write about spirituality in my business-oriented blog. However, oftentimes I wonder if I should because business, after all, is about who we are, what we do, and the use of the God-given talents we have on which we are to make our fortunes. So, today, I’ve decided to…(Read More)

I want to thank Dane Sanders of The Marketing Solutions Lab and Alex Livieratos of Business Power Coach for their seminar today on networking. One of the “take aways” of today’s discussion that you really must maximize your networking time. After all, there is a cost to networking beyond just the entrance fee. Let…(Read More)

Just last night I found myself lamenting 2010. Yes, I know, let the past go, but, seriously, nothing brings you to terms with reality more than preparing for filing your taxes… especially as a business owner. While I found that I turned a profit this year, it was not, to be sure, the profit I…(Read More)

Okay, folks. So you haven’t yet sent your Christmas card yet. In terms of our family card, I’m in the same boat, frankly! Well there may yet be time. I was at a SendOutCards seminar at MVP Preferral Systems in Oak Forest, IL, this weekend. If you have SOC, the latest you should…(Read More)

I attended the Get Motivated seminar at Chicago’s United Center. There was a incredible lineup of speakers including Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Mike Ditka, Rudy Giuliani, among a host of others. One of the speakers, Bob Kittell, told a story that meant a lot to me. Mind you, before I tell the story, I…(Read More)

Okay, so this is the third time I’ve written about the concept that “Perception is Reality.” You may be thinking, “Why, Rich, do you continue to beat this horse?” Well, folks, in the spirit of the season, seeing in truth how some people see you or your company can be absolutely frightening! I remember…(Read More)