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My father sent me this clip: While funny on a couple of levels (“American Pie” by Don McLean happens to be one of my favorite songs), I was suddenly sickened because I was reminded of a couple of recent workshops, interviews, webinars, and articles which I’ve recently…(Read More)

As many of my readers, family, and friends may know, my background comes first and foremost from my love of visual art. Honestly, there was a time where I abhorred the use of computers in art, commercial or otherwise. I did everything I could to try to escape the digital menace. But that was before…(Read More)

Are you on Facebook? Do you have a Facebook page? If you own a business or professional practice, you probably should. You may have heard about “The Purple Cow.” I’ve made mention of it in past blogs and articles, but it’s worth repeating the meaning: If you were driving along the highway in…(Read More)

Last year, I was introduced to Twitter. I started to notice that some of the people I was following had a REALLY cool, custom, and different look to them. I wanted to learn more about those people, and, subsequently, I started to follow them and their “tweets.” A friend of mine, Tony Dinon of MVP…(Read More)

Check out the new website we’ve built for Lee’s Academy of Martial Arts Lee’s specializes in authentic Kung Fu styles including Chinese Kenpo, Northern Shaolin Longfist, Temple-style Tai Chi Chuan, and Wing Chun. They also offer urban self defense (White-collar Warrior by Bob Bartkowski), Filipino Kali and…(Read More)

In a previous post, I outlined a story where a friend of mind, who was viewed as the leader of a group, blew off one of his monthly meetings. By the way, this infraction as well as the stated summer hiatus of the meeting, has broken the momentum, abruptly halting the flywheel of what was…(Read More)

WOW! I’ve had a lot of REALLY useful knowledge crammed into my brain over the course of the last two weeks. Having completed training in Project Management towards a PMP Certification, and nearing completion of training for a Six Sigma Green Belt, there are a TON of opportunities that, as I business owner, I…(Read More)