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A Lesson from Pizza…


There is a pizza place in Crestwood, Louisa’s, which is by far the absolute best pizza I’ve ever eaten. As a kid who grew up in Chicago, I used to love the smell of Giordano’s pizza near 63rd and Kedzie, and I grew up knowing good pizza. From Little Joe’s to…(Read More)

I’m absolutely proud and honored. I had the opportunity to shake hands with and listen to the Master of Business himself, Brian Tracy. Here is just a quick list of wisdom imparted by Mr. Tracy: 10 Qualities of a Successful Business The RIGHT product or service The RIGHT business plan The RIGHT production plan…(Read More)

All Systems Go!


I attended a Glaser-Kennedy Insider’s meeting in Rolling Meadows. The meeting is like a workshop-meets-a-rally for marketers. Honestly, I was somewhat skeptical about attending, as, oftentimes, these events are full of “fluff” and are intended to push product. I was pleasantly surprised when, as the leader Steve Sipress (owner of…(Read More)

Wow! I can’t believe how many people I’ve met just in the last few weeks who don’t have a marketing plan for 2011. What really surprised me was that most of the people to whom I’ve spoken about their marketing plan simply outlined what networking events they plan to attend and…(Read More)

One of the proudest moments in my career was when I was conferred with the degree of Master of Business Administration. Historically, the body of knowledge stemming from industrial engineering formed the basis of the first MBA programs, and is central to operations management as used across diverse business sectors. Much of the core of…(Read More)

After this holiday weekend, I noticed that my week was somewhat less productive than normal in terms of work done. However, I am left with a few important lessons on accountability I’d like to share: 1. Everybody Needs Somebody… Daily, we are held accountable whether it be by our boss, our spouse, or parents…(Read More)

I recently sent a batch of high-quality, personalized greeting cards to about 50 of my most recent clients. As usual, many of them called me, or I called them, and things went along their merry way… That is until I spoke with my friend, Tony Dinon of MVP Preferral Systems. He rather rebuked me…(Read More)

How many times have we met a sales person or sat during a guest-speaker presentation at a Chamber event and our minds completely turned off because that salesperson or speaker rambled on about what they did in their business? They spoke of themselves, and they spoke using the jargon of their industry, completely losing…(Read More)

A true and dear friend of mine, Jim Thompson from the Midwest Consulting Group, sent me an article not long ago from one of my heroes and favorite authors, Bob Burg. You can read the article at: One of…(Read More)

I find myself again in school this week at MicroTrain in Lombard, IL, sharpening my skills in the discipline of Business Analysis. Taught by an accomplished project management consultant from Minnesota, I’m taken back to the thoughtful and humorous stories my father played for me from Garrison Keiller’s “A Prairie Home Companion” radio…(Read More)