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So many times when I’m consulting a client on one thing or another I’m inevitably asked, “Hey, I saw some of your videos. I’ve been approached by other video companies, can’t I do this myself?” or “I don’t like writing? How can I create my own video blog?” It’s…(Read More)

One of the themes that has come up more than once within the last week is, “I don’t know what to write about,” when it comes to writing compelling blogs or copy. I think that, just like with anything else we do in life and business, the idea is that you don’t want…(Read More)

Today has been quite a day. I’ve had three very profound conversations with three influential business people who have asked me about how to improve the effectiveness of their blogs. In the past, each person wrote the “nuts and bolts” about their business and industry, spewing regurgitated facts and figures about markets and health…(Read More)

Are You a Star Yet?


WOW! It’s incredible how everyone today can have his or her 15 minutes of fame–and make it themselves! You may know that every once in a while I’ll post an online video, and I highly recommend that everyone, especially those in business, do the same. With video, having the ability to drive…(Read More)

I recently read an article that stated that most small business owners think that they have an as-seen-on-TV “Set-it-and-forget-it” website. Today, I decided to run an analysis of the search engine optimization for about eight of my clients sites today. Many of their scores have dropped by as…(Read More)

Video to Get You Noticed


Okay, I admit, I have a face for radio, and my wife calls me a mumbler. However, you can’t deny that I still put myself out there unabashed with online video. There are a couple of reasons why I do this. Video is POWERFUL, and I want to share just a few reasons with…(Read More)

Another Connections “Fiver” Report Five ways to improve your SEO Make sure each social networking site you belong to links to your website! Also add to directories Make sure your meta tags are relevant to what people are searching: -Title -Description -Keywords -Content Make sure each of your images has alt tags—adds content, search…(Read More)

Are you on Facebook? Do you have a Facebook page? If you own a business or professional practice, you probably should. You may have heard about “The Purple Cow.” I’ve made mention of it in past blogs and articles, but it’s worth repeating the meaning: If you were driving along the highway in…(Read More)

Welcome back to what I plan to be an ongoing podcast. Feel free to download these MP3s, put them in your MP3 player, in your phone, or on a CD, and listen away. Brian Tracy says that your car should be your classroom–play audio in your car when you are driving to and from…(Read More)

I just wanted to send a brief post about two great products I’ve recently acquired to help in my marketing: 1. Eyejoy (–FREE (or super cheap) video emails. Albeit, it’s not as robust as some of the other things out there, armed with a simple webcam, you can create powerful…(Read More)