One of my favorite YouTubers and content creators on the planet is Juzzie Smith. Here’s a video he posted earlier this week:

Juzzie posts videos from all over the world, but mainly from his homeland, Australia. In his amazing movies, you’ll find him busking (being a street musician) or playing music at a festival. What’s incredible is that he can play up to five instruments at one time:

  1. A lap steel guitar with a slide or cigar box guitar
  2. A cajon (box drum) with his right foot
  3. A tambourine with his left foot
  4. A Chuka Chuk (shaker) – sometimes he plays two and juggles them in time
  5. A harmonica in a rack

Moreover, he sings.

When you think about it, though, he does even more. He actively markets and promotes himself. He’s created a 67-lesson course called “Press Play & Blow Away”, he gets gigs, he teaches lessons, and he works on his own personal brand. 

A Best-Selling Multi-Instrument Performer and Teacher

Recently, I was honored to have had the opportunity to build a website and integrate it into a marketing system for the author of the best-selling harmonica instruction book in the world, “Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless-ful,” and (in my opinion) the best book-and-audio harmonica instruction tool on the planet, “Rockin Blues Harmonica.” I have Jon Gindick to thank for my knowledge of how to play the harp, for my appreciation of the craft, and for the inspiration to write and create content. 

Jon can be found performing in and around Ventura, CA and on YouTube performing songs – both originals and covers – where he plays both the guitar and the harmonica and sings. Here’s an example:

Again, Jon doesn’t just play. He’s an active marketer. In addition to creating all kinds of harmonica-related instructional material, he also hosts Harmonica Jam Camps and makes appearances at venues. 

More Than Walking and Chewing Gum

When a person like Jon or Juzzie plays more than one instrument at a time, it’s not really “multitasking” (doing different unrelated things simultaneously). What they really do is coordinate related tasks together within a musical construct including the key of the song, the melodic structure, a rhythmic pattern, and a tempo. 

It may seem impossible that a multi-disciplined marketer can both be strategic and be tactical… and do so across different channels and media. I think many recruiters, HR professionals, and executives are so accustomed to specialists that they put people they meet into one specialist box and can’t believe that it’s possible to be great at more than just one thing. But, just as the foot can keep time while the arms strum chords and the harmonica provides the melody, so can a marketing professional develop and implement strategy, lead teams, and create and leverage related content of various types (written blogs, videos, images/graphic design, web pages, social, PPC ads, display ads, emails, etc.) as a solo artist or as part of an ensemble. Like music, it just takes experience and practice.